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Hi Everyone and welcome to my furniture and interior design blog. There is so much wonderful furniture on the market these days that there is a style to suit everyone and every budget. Finding your own style will make a house your home, never be afraid to try different things out, you might be amazed at the results!

Top Tips For Conference Room Layout

Today’s office furniture design is not the same as it was in the past. Previously, conference room and in general, workplace furnishings all had to be practical and were often of a very similar design, there was little availability of anything different. These days, office furniture is both usable and aesthetically pleasing with many different designs and styles on the market. You can choose a style that reflects your business’s style so if you prefer a more modern and contemporary look, there are some really great collections of furniture to choose from.


What To Search for In Conference Room Furnishings


What do you use your conference room for? Do you use it to have internal conferences, do you make use of it for training or do you meet your clients in it? Depending upon primary use of your conference room, the type of furniture that you choose will need to fit that use. For instance, if your conference room is used primarily to meet with clients and you want to be able to create a lasting impression, then you need to have a board room that looks and feels professional and that is kitted out with all the equipment you need. If your room is just used for the occasional staff meeting or training session, then it will not require such a wow factor.


What Exactly Is A Conference Room?


This might not appear to be a very sensible question, however, it does actually have some value. For me, the conference room was created and designed to host staff meetings, training and for showing off to clients. With all of these needs in mind, we created a conference room that is ideal for offering presentations, sitting in for long hours but is spacious enough to allow people to move around. In addition to this came conference room furnishings with integrated web connections, controls for a projector, an LCD system and simple cabinetry to store everything. We chose a complete multimedia setup because we are a technology driven business who uses the power of today’s computing to teach our personnel, to look into our business’s statistics and to give incredible presentation to clients. I am quite sure that many of you reading this also have comparable requirements and this would be the perfect setup for your technology driven offices.


Meeting room Setup And Design


Now that you know what type of conference room furnishings you need, now is the time to look at how you will setup your conference room. Our preferred design of meeting room setup is what I call the U-Room. The U-Room uses tables that enable everybody to sit around a set of tables which are arranged so that people are able to engage with everyone else and be able to see the projector or monitor without having to turn or twist in their seats. It also permits individuals to come and go without creating a big disruption to others.


How Do You Wish to Present Info?


How you plan on presenting info has a bearing on meeting room Conference roomdesign. As we specified earlier, the U-Room is a specific design that draws attention to the front centre of the room so that speakers and video presentations are simple to see. This is a great setup but it isn’t the only one. There are conference rooms where each table has their own monitor or they utilize a company laptop or tablet to view info while seating position does not have an impact on seeing details or having the spaces attention, this is another excellent method to establish a meeting room.


Quality of Product


Don’t be cheap! Inexpensive furniture is often poor quality, won’t last and will look and feel cheap, not really the impression you want to convey. I like to think that I am prudent with money so do not go spending like mad, instead, I like to do some research into what I am going to purchase beforehand. This gives me the opportunity to learn about what is on offer, how much it costs and what the quality is like. This has in fact served me well throughout my life and will certainly serve you well too. When you are ready to buy conference room furniture, do not just buy what is affordable, look at several different options as well as different companies. Your company is important, your workplace is a reflection of you and your workers. You need to put your best foot forward and project the best impression that you can. Another upside is that employees are more likely to work harder and care about what they do and how they go about it. They take pride in their work and this shows in company productivity.

Choosing The Right Conference Chairs

There is more to choosing the most suitable conference chairs than

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copyright Burgess Furniture

just colour and their aesthetic value. It will depend on several factors; how often the chair will be used, who will use them, the reputation of you company and your budget.


The conference room is a place where different kinds of presentations are held, a place where existing and potential clients will come to discuss business, and of course a place where conferences and other staff or partner meetings and conferences are held. In this case, choosing the right conference chairs should involve careful and calculated thoughts.


The ambience of the conference room is of prime importance hence, it is very important to think about colour and style. This is of particular importance of you often host or you are planning to host potential clients because first impressions count. The correct comfort and posture should be among the top of your list of the essentials. Consider chairs that give support to the spine if some conferences will involve people sitting in them the whole day.


It is also very important to determine how frequent the conference chairs will be used. If the chairs are used for an hour or two at each particular time, or a number of days per week, it is reasonable to buy budget conference chairs. Such chairs are suited for comfortable sitting on several hours at a time and often have a kind of sturdy style, but are very budget friendly. However, if you hold meetings regularly, or some of your customers do, opt for better quality chairs.


Who will be using these chairs? This is a necessary factor to consider, in order to identify the type of conference chairs that are necessary. Take into account whether or not it is the staff or guests who will be using the chairs the most. Remember that everybody comes in different shapes and sizes and not all chairs will fit everyone. If it is your staff that will be using the chairs, they probably of the same size and height, you can consider just about any conference chair.


Chairs with adjustable height are a good idea especially if your guests or staffs have to use a table for typing on their laptops or writing. Armrests are a nice addition to promote comfort through good posture. You should also consider additional features such as wheels, the ability to swivel, and the adjustability of the chair to the back and the seat. Make sure that you consider the maximum weight capacity each chair can hold, along with the dimensions of the depth from the seat so that each user is at a position to make the best use of the chair.


Consider the colour that will blend in and work with the style of the conference room or the colours that reflects the identity of your company. It is also important to consider personalizing the conference chairs with a design or logos that mirror your corporate identity, or showing loyalty to sponsors. Specialist seat suppliers will often have these services in their plans.


If you are acquiring a new set of chairs, remember to decide on the style of the previous and the pre-existing furnishing of the workplace. For instance, if the desks, reception chairs, and conference tables in use are made of beech wood, it is important to stick to the beech wood theme, and therefore get conference chairs made with beech wood frames.

Careful thought should also be put on the size of tables and the amount of available floor space to avoid your guests or staff feeling like they are too high or too low from the table or feeling cramped. The choice of the type of flooring is also important to think about, as the carpets should be wheel friendly if you go for the wheeled chairs. Concrete or wood surfaces are suitable for non-wheeled chairs.


Remember that people who are comfortably seated are likely to be paying attention, interested and more alert to what is being said or done, than if they are sat in an uncomfortable chair. It is worth spending your time to research and testing as many models as possible. Whenever you go to test the chairs, it is advisable to take along several members of your staff or friends who vary in height and shape to help you in the decision making process, to select the chair that will be suitable for the majority of the people.


In additional, the design of the room to hold the conference chairs is also vital. Is the room oddly shaped? This has a huge impact to the number, the design, and type of conference chairs the room can hold. Think about how the chairs will be stored in the room, as this will affect the style of choice. Will it be possible to fold or stack them together after use, or is it convenient to leave them ready to be used again?


It is recommended to seek advice from reputable and experienced seating suppliers to help in the design of the conference room. They may also offer additional services such as providing a demountable stage. They are also professionals in making the best out of natural light and factors such as acoustics and will also advise on the most suitable areas for keynote speakers, and the best places for the guests to sit for optimal sound experience.

Is Your Home Secure?

You might think that your home is already secure, but is this really the case? Take a good look around your home at the existing security measures, what could be improved? It is all very well having a state of the art alarm system but if you don’t make sure that your doors and windows are locked, it will be about as much use as a chocolate teapot. If you have a garage attached to your home, what locks have you got on the inside door that leads into your house? What is the locking system on the garage door? Is it included in the alarm system? Take a good look around your garden, are there lots of bushes and shrubs that an intruder could use for cover? Have you got motion sensor lights in your garden and do they work? A good maintenance routine will help you become more familiar with your property and as such, will give you information on where any weaknesses might lie. Look at your home as a burglar might, consider what you can do to make it difficult for them to get in. If your house looks like an easy touch, a burglar will try to get in but if it looks secure and has some security in place, they may not bother. These people want an easy buck, they don’t want to take too many risks so make it as awkward and difficult as possible so that they pass you by.


Your home is your castle…or is it? Is your home really safe once you leave for work or school? Your home is considered a sanctuary where you should feel safe. Your home is the only environment where you have control over who can get close to you or your family. Protecting your home and family from criminal intrusion should be high on your list of priorities. See my web site on Family Security Tips for more information on protecting your family from harm.

Home Burglary

By far, the most common threat to our home is burglary. According to the FBI, a burglary occurs somewhere in the United States every 15.4 seconds. By definition, the crime of burglary is a non-confrontational property crime that occurs when we are not at home. However, becoming a burglary victim can leave a family feeling vulnerable and violated. To avoid becoming a burglary victim, it is important to first gain an understanding of who commits them and why.

The majority of home and apartment burglaries occur during the daytime when most people are away at work or school. The summer months of July and August have the most burglaries with February having the fewest crimes. Burglaries are committed most often by young males under 25 years of age looking for items that are small, expensive, and can easily be converted to cash. Favorite items are cash, jewelry, guns, watches, laptop computers, VCRs, video players, CDs and other small electronic devices are high on the list. Quick cash is needed for living expenses and drugs. Statistics tell us that 70% of the burglars use some amount force to enter a dwelling, but their preference is to gain easy access through an open door or window. Ordinary household tools like screwdrivers, channel-lock pliers, small pry bars, and small hammers are most often used by burglars. Burglars continue to flourish because police can only clear about 13% of all reported burglaries and rarely catch the thief in the act.

Although home burglaries may seem random in occurrence, they actually involve a selection process. The burglar’s selection process is simple. Choose an unoccupied home with the easiest access, the greatest amount of cover, and with the best escape routes. What follows is a list of suggestions to minimize your risk by making your home unattractive to potential burglars.

Doors and Locks

The first step is to harden the target or make your home more difficult to enter. Remember, the burglar will simply bypass your home if it requires too much effort or requires more skill and tools than they possess. Most burglars enter via the front, back, or garage doors. Experienced burglars know that the garage door is usually the weakest point of entry followed by the back door. The garage and back doors also provide the most cover. Burglars know to look inside your car for keys and other valuables so keep it locked, even when parked inside your garage. Use high quality Grade-1 or Grade-2 locks on exterior doors to resist twisting, prying, and lock-picking attempts. A quality deadbolt lock will have a beveled casing to inhibit the use of channel-lock pliers used to shear off lock cylinder pins. A quality door knob-in-lock set will have a ‘dead latch’ mechanism to prevent slipping the lock with a shim or credit card.

Read more http://www.crimedoctor.com/home.htm


Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Bathroom renovation will not only make your home look good, it could also add the value of it. It is a job that is very popular in home improvements as it does Bathroom Interior designhave such an enhancing effect on the property. Furthermore, homeowners will get more enjoyment from a fresh and relaxing bathroom.


Renovating your bathroom can be challenging as well as being a potentially very expensive undertaking. There are so many fittings and fixtures that you will need to consider when you decide to change your bathroom. The plumbing, electrics and flooring all need to be taken into account before deciding what to do with the room. Taking time to plan properly is essential before you begin so that you are fully aware of how the changes will affect the room and also what it will cost to make those changes.



When you are working on the new designs for your bathroom, you need to make sure that you have all the measurements and that these are completely accurate. Making a scale drawing is a good idea so that you can mark where fixtures and fittings are. This will give you a better idea of what you can do and the size of bathroom suite that you can use. Having a paper drawing means that you can make changes easily and visualise how they might look.  What might be even better, is special software where you can actually see a picture of how your bathroom will look after being renovated. Being able to see how things look when completed gives valuable insight into how the bathroom will function. And this is the crucial point, you could have the most luxurious bathroom in the world but if it is not functional, it is a complete waste of time and money.


This is the reason proper planning is so vital before beginning work. Knowing exactly where the bath, shower, toilet and sink are going to go and how they will fit in with each other is so important to how the room will function. These items all require plumbing so knowing how they will fit together with the existing plumbing will save time and money. If you are going to start moving the plumbing around, this is major renovations and will require considerable time and money to be invested.


When you decide where smaller components, such as the towel rack and even the toilet tissue holder, will go, do remember that they need to be practical. The towel rail may well look fab near the door, but, if you can’t reach the towels from the bath or shower, it is not going to be very convenient or practical.


Concentrate on your walls, ceiling and tiles due to the fact that these three things will have a massive influence on the final result of the project. Mix and match the colours by using pastel, earthy, contemporary or standard colours that fit your taste. Know that whatever items, equipment and furnishings you wish to contribute will add to the ambience of the room.

The extent of your bathroom redesigning task will certainly all depend upon your spending plan. If you have a huge amount of cash for your remodelling, you can begin designing your bathroom from scratch. However, you can still do a lot with a more modest budget, for instance you could just change the colour scheme and the light fittings.


When you choose to start a bathroom renovation, it is quickest to organize your goals before buying materials. Remember that any restorations can very quickly get out of hand both in terms of time and money, so do have a goal in mind and a sensible budget. Having a checklist showing what everything will cost is a great way to start.


A few of the significant products on your list may include any electrical work, plumbing changes or additions, heating and even walls that will need to be moved or fixed. As some of the first things listed on your bathroom redesign check list, you will need to add in timescales for contractors who will be doing the plumbing, electrical and/or building work.


Having a column on the check list that reveals the amount budgeted for each item will certainly help you stay in control of the expenses of the project. When shopping for the items on your list, by reviewing the cost of one item means that very often you can pick a cheaper model on another component to keep the budget on track.


Once you have determined the precise expense of your project using the redesign check list, you must remember to allow an extra 10% of the total budget just in case there are any extra expenses that have not been considered.  If you plan well and use your imagination, you can do an awful lot with not much money and will still have a stylish and beautiful bathroom for your family to enjoy.

The Right Furniture Is Important For Your Home Office

Working from home is something that  many individuals  believe is  the very best solution to  even more  performance, because it  eliminates the  requirement for  driving to and from from your  workplace. It  appears it can be done  fairly  quickly, but, converting any  area in a  house into an  workplace and  keeping the required privacy is an  workout that does  require a lot of  idea. You also  need the  best home office furniture that can  allow you to have the  best working environment.

The  primary step, before you  select any  furnishings for your home office, is to make a layout of the  area that you have. You  likewise need to  provide out all the work that you  mean to carry out, which in turn may help you to decide the  furnishings you need. You  might  sometimes need  area for a drawing board, and will  likely  need  area for a desk, some  site visitors chairs, some storage  area and a computer desk. It can  likewise  assist to have a small  kitchen area. If the  area you have is  little, and not able to take in all the things you need,  take a look at designs that combine two or more  features, so that you can  save money on space.

Function and comfort have to be the topmost priority in any selection of home office  furnishings. The furniture also  has to look  sophisticated and  elegant, so that visitors to your office are  similarly  pleased.  Enter into a  great deal of details to  see to it that every bit of furniture that you have  carries out a  particular  feature that is not duplicated or redundant. When you do this, you will  likewise  discover that your  workplace  will certainly  constantly  continue to be well  arranged, as everything will have its own definite place and it  will certainly  likewise be  a lot easier to work there,  due to the fact that you know where everything is. Comfort  likewise has to be at the top of the list,  due to the fact that the office being at home, you are more than likely to spend long hours there and  most likely even work there at odd hours. So every chair and table  have to be ergonomic,  simple to move and  move,  simple to work on and never be able to  provide you the aches and  discomforts that can  originate from  improperly  created furniture.  The current in  workplace working  recommends that you have stand up desks, where you can work  standing, and if you can  discover some  method of  integrating this with your  regular desk, this can  conserve you a lot of  area and make working conditions healthier for you. Chairs are  extremely important and  need to be  provided a lot of thought  prior to you  purchase the right one.

Your home office  furnishings  should be  made from materials that are durable Busy business womenand easy to  keep. Furniture is  costly and you must have a  certain budget for it  prior to you  begin your  purchasing. Set out  top priorities, as constraints in  spending plans may prevent you from  purchasing all the furniture you need. You may have to phase it out,  however by  choosing priorities, you can  guarantee that the work will not be  hampered because a  specific  product of  furnishings  has actually not been bought. Your  office must  likewise look  tailored and not a  shabby one. After all you are going to  invest long hours there, so the  area and its furniture must be one that keeps you  pleasant. While this is not a part of furniture, paying a lot of  focus on  correct lighting and ventilation, as this can make a home office  simpler to work in. Natural lighting is the best, and the view from your window  have to  identify your initial choice of  area for your office in the home. The level of lighting  need to be adequate for the work that you  have to carry out. You are in your own home, so you can  constantly  make use of other parts of it like the attic, the basement or the garage to help you to have your  workplace better  arranged.  Make use of these to  save any things that are  needed  just  periodically,  as well as locate  area for storage, printing and a pantry.

Home office furniture  should  never ever be  frustrating and must fit in with the other parts of your home, as visitors to your office are likely to pass through both the  locations.

Have A Fabulous Dining Room

The dining room is among the most important locations in your house. You can have a good dining room that is beautifully designed and perfectly placed however you may spoil it quite easily by having inappropriate furniture.

One of the reasons why the dining room stands out as unique is that it is used by the family not only for eating in but also as a place to hold family meetings. Of specific interest is the number of seats that your dining room has, It needs to accommodate your entire household. This is one of the key things that you must always think about when you are looking for the furniture.


Although this is very much personal choice, it is a good idea to bear in mind that this is also a room that will be used for visitors. There are so many designs to choose from and modern furniture can be an asset to any home. Before purchasing new furniture, consider the decor and think about what might be most suitable and look attractive in your home. If you have more of a country cottage theme going on, choose rustic looking furniture which will fit very well with this type of decor.


When you consider the modern-day dining room furniture, there is so much choice available due to the number design options. Despite the fact that the ideological backgrounds directing contemporary designs are similar even in the dining-room home furnishings, specific requirements can be captured in the customized types of the dining-room furnishings. There are individuals who like to have one hundred unique items, the tailored sets may be perfect for such kind of individuals considering that they can describe their choice in terms of look, shape, colour and design of their dining room sets.


The type of material of the dining room furnishings is essential, as far as the pricing and the degree of care is concern. Some materials are too vulnerable and they may require that you have the best sort of plans in place to prevent losses. There are circumstances that such dining room furniture may not be perfect for your home. A good example holds true where you have youngsters that are young and really playful or a pet that is most likely to trigger any breakages.


Another consideration that is necessary is the shape of the table; they are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Square and rectangle table are the most popular. The circular dining tables are perfect for small families. As earlier discussed the product is a significant determinant of the price and the delicateness of the dinning furniture. Glossy products like glass and acrylic plastics are extremely appealing when used to develop a dining table.


Dining sets are not finish when they do not have the very best chairs to match Dining room interiorthe kind and the status of the table. Dining chairs come in all colour schemes such as: blue, red, and green along with dark colours like black, brown and purple. When you are serious about buying the dining furnishings, the regional furniture establishments may not have all the designs that you may be looking for. Purchasing online is an option. It is good to perform a good online survey on what you are trying to find, and the numerous price offers on the certain dining set. You might be amazed to discover that there could be a big cost difference between the offline establishments and the online furniture sale. The online sale may be less expensive however you ought to be keen to discover how the shipping is done considering that it could either be factored in the rate of your purchase, it might be complimentary within your nation or it may be paid by you after the purchase of the dining-room furniture. In addition the internet resource could be the best for suggestions on the best ways to arrange the dining sets, how to make the dining n set more appealing along with how to take care of the dining sets. These are simply but a few of the advantages that feature online purchase of the dining room furniture online.


To obtain an ideal dining set it is vital that you have a good knowledge of the subject; On the other hand it might be really hard to obtain help if you do not know exactly what you are looking for in a dinning set. Hosting supper celebrations will no longer bother you if you have enough dining seats for all your visitors and also have a big table that offers enough space for your guests.


You might like to decorate your table with an attractive table cloth, candlesticks, vase of flowers or perhaps a basket of fruit. If you buy a wooden table, it is a good idea to put table mats and coasters down before putting plates, cups or glasses on the table. Protect and look after the wood so that it looks fabulous and lasts for years.

Tips For Home Office Decor

The first  factor to consider  needs to be which part of  your house you  will certainly set up your  workplace in. Personally, and many other practical self-employed entrepreneur, I use the living room for a workplace.

The reason is  since it is the first room you come into from the entrance. This makes it more  company and professional for your visitors (and your  family and friends who  frequently  do not take you seriously if you work from  house).

It is also  great for you as you come and go in your business activities to enter into your  workplace as you open the front door. It  offers you the  sensation of  genuine  workplace and lets you  look after  business matters  as soon as possible as you make your way to your domestic  location of  our home.

And  making use of the  living-room also eliminates going through the personal  possessions of a  residence, or the  kids’s toys and activities, etc., in order to get to the office area.

If you can not use the living room for whatever  factor, or if you  do not need to  utilize it  since you will not have  company visitors, then you can  search for the most practical place that you have for your  function.

Wherever you  decided to set up your home office, there are  3 things you  have to  think about  initially when planning a home office  location:.

1.  Performance.

2.  Effectiveness.

3.  Benefit.

As you look at  exactly what  location you should use, put these  3  products in your  thought and feelings.

Throughout the day,  during the night, both, I  frequently get up in the middle of the night and come down to my office and work till 7 or 8 am, then have breakfast and go back to work. For this, I need to have good lighting over my  computer system and desk area. So you need  total lighting  along with lighting over the  workspace.

For  throughout the day, make  finest use of your natural light by  putting your  essential work area near the window.  However consider your equipment so that you don’t  wind up  for instance with the light glaring on to your  computer system screen.

Consider the  positioning of your equipment to make the electrical connection as  simple as possible.

For instance, I always  see to it to place my desk in such a way so that I can get to the back of my computer. I have  discovered over the years this to be an issue whenever I  have actually  needed to  update or  take care of  computer system  devices. You need to be able to get to the back panels or electrical power cords which  typically accommodate other lighting and  telephone  devices, printers etc. And  ensure you  do not over power any electrical outlet. Spread it around and make sure it’s not all on the same circuit breaker. Your home office  location  could require  extra outlets which is a  much safer bet than to  lots of extension cords.

Will there be someone else  dealing with me? Will I be seeing salespeople,  clients,  potential customers? Will I have a bookkeeper  being available in part-time?  Think about all these things  since you  will certainly have to set-up an  location either within the  space or  simply outside close by.

Do you privacy or do you  choose to be accessible to your family? Are you more at easy with a casual environment or do you feel better in a more formal surrounding.

When you  have actually outlined your preferred  demands, make your home office a pleasant  work environment.

Select a decorating  design from  nation and traditional to  modern. Your  option of furniture and  devices will highlight these  designs.

Home OfficeYou can have a mix of casual and formal by placing one  significant  furnishings as a focus point that  brings the  main  design.  For instance, a large antique breakfront for your books, with a  modern desk and a  conventional looking chair, would make a statement of personal formality and professionalism.

Select  home furnishings and details you enjoy. Include some history. Set out some  household  images, award items, travel souvenirs that  will certainly  appear your personality.

Mix  structure to soften the  appearance. Use fabric-covered panels behind a laminate desk to  take in  outdoors  sounds. Leave windows clear of curtains and drapes in order to let as much light as possible in.

Use clean, bright and light paint and colors to give maximum lighting and space. Bring your  liked accent colors in your furniture and accessories.

Permit room for expansion. You  might  need to add storage, working space  and so on.  See to it the place you pick has some  location within or  nearby for this.

And last but not least, consider your personal influence within that home office environment. Your personal  discussion.  Outfit for success.

It really  frustrates me when  individuals think that because you work from home, you  simply stay in your pyjamas  all the time, I  do not think so! It  is very important to retain a  company attitude and don’t forget that you  might lose your  t-shirt if you’re not in the  appropriate  state of mind at any time. Success  needs self-discipline.

Even if you are at  house,  outfit for business. You never know when someone  may  get in touch with you to do business.  Constantly be ready. It is a  truth that when we are appropriately dressed we feel  much better, talk better and work better. It  influences the whole psyche and it is a  excellent  routine for yourself and a good example for others who follow.

Tips On Choosing Bathroom Curtains

When picking your restroom window drapes there are a number of factors that ought to be taken into account. The following post offers an introduction of each of these aspects and need to guide you with the process of selecting the ideal drapes for your restroom.

The washroom environment (humidity). The nature of the washroom i.e. hot showers or long soaks in a warm bath especially in the winter season results in high amounts of humidity in the air. This then converts to moisture which will soak into your curtains which in turn can become mouldy or mildewed. This is why you need to choose the fabric carefully for your bathroom, dry clean only curtains will not be any use, by the way.


When selecting the material for your restroom it is advised to go with a lightweight cotton fabric. These materials hold up well to the high humidity of which they go through, and are able to dry swiftly and with ease.


The bathroom environment (water). The nature of a bathroom along with being high in humidity is that for all intense and purposes it is a damp space; individuals leaking when getting out of the bath, sprays from the sink and over spray from the shower guarantee that at some time or other most of your restroom is most likely to become wet if not damp.


When taking this into account it is better to go with shorter drapes. Whereas full length, floor to ceiling curtains can be both exquisite and extravagant in some parts of your house the bathroom is not advised as being one of them.


Windows that sit simply above the sill are the most safe choice and least most likely to be subjected to excessive quantities of water. Additionally, the decreased amount of material used to make the curtains reduces the drying time following exposure to moisture.


Lined or unlined curtains will very much be down to personal choice as well as taking into consideration the size, style and layout of your bathroom. Obviously, bathroom curtains have to sustain a lot of adverse conditions so choosing lightweight fabrics which either repels moisture or dries very quickly is recommended.


However, there are a variety of other aspects to take into consideration:.


Privacy; your time in the restroom is your own unique, personal time, as such you wish to ensure complete personal privacy. A lightweight drape would offer little in the way of personal privacy to an surrounding window, specifically after dark with your light on.


Intimacy; there are times when all you want to do is to soak in a lovely bubble bath for an hour without any interruptions and without either hot sunlight or a cold winter draft coming through the window. In such circumstances, blinds might be a better idea as you can place them where you want to have as much or as little light coming in as you want.


In summary whether you decide to choose lined or unlined curtains is down to several factors. Your own personal choice being at the top of the list.


Colour, design and style; finally the selection boils down to design. Once again this choice will be mainly dictated by personal preference, nevertheless the following are a few factors to consider to take into account.


Small bathrooms could benefit from using lighter colours to communicate the impression of space and freshness.


If intimacy and sensuality is your setting of selection within the washroom then a darker more intoxicating colour perhaps in order such as a deep red or purple.


bathroomWhen choosing the colours of your curtains it is very important to match the colour scheme of your existing decoration. This will include the colour of the bathroom suite, flooring, tiles and wall colour. For instance, if your existing decor is dark grey and white, curtains of a rich red would offer a splash of colour without being over the top. You can then integrate more of this colour in your bathroom with towels, mats, ornaments and so on.


In summary the washroom is a extremely personal and personal space, your choice of window furnishing ought to record the atmosphere you wish to produce, so take heed of the guidance above and set about choosing the best drapes to change your washroom into your own personal paradise.

Interior Design: Getting The Balance Right

All these standard concepts are used every day by designers all over the world. They are all necessary and often interdependent on each other. When a room fails one or more of these ideas is at fault. Often we can stroll into a room, even one we have never been in before and discover that something feels off. This can be a subconscious reaction or extremely obvious. If you were to utilize these standard concepts as a design template for the space, you would easily uncover the problem.


The fundamental interior design principles are the “tricks” everybody successful designers work with. The mindful research and awareness of scale, balance and proportion is what makes it easy for us to stroll into a room and typically instantly fix an issue. It is not about taste or personality that creates good design. It is the appropriate application of these design principles.


Balance is a essential of life that everyone desires, purposely or unconsciously, whether in your bank balance, relationships or home. This makes us comfortable, offers us stability, decreases anxiety and provides us peace. This is the most important element to attain when creating or altering the design of a room.


For interiors balance considers the physical and/or psychological weight of an things. Balance is very important in all aspects of space design from the physical architecture to the home furnishings, products picked, and accessorizing.


There are different sorts of balance:.


Formal or symmetrical – This is extremely traditional and quiet. The focal point is often in the centre. One side is the mirror image of the other. An example would be 2 couches on either side of a fireplace dealing with one another with a huge coffee table in the middle.


Informal or asymmetrical – This is much more active but also more subtle. The centre of attention may not be in the middle. There is no mirror impact but the visual weights play a more important function. It could be as easy as having 2 totally different chairs sitting throughout from one couch in the previous example.


Proportion and scale.


Both of these associate with the size and shape of an things.


Scale deals with the absolute size or character of an things or area when compared to other items or areas.


Proportion is relative describing the ratio of one part to another.



How objects relate to one another develops rhythm. This works the same way in a house as it does in a piece of music. Rhythm produces interest. It can make an area come alive. Repeating and contrast are key elements to use. A modern example of this would be a space that is mainly one colour (monochromatic) and feels really harmonious and comfy. This is achieved by utilizing different textures and products of this one colour. The mix of structures (contrast) integrated with the repeating of colour supplies rhythm.



Certain locations or elements of a room need to be dominant or stressed. Range will certainly keep an location from being tedious and dull. The very best example for this would be a motion picture. In a motion picture there are stars, supporting cast members and basic cast members. All parts add to make a whole and all essential to the telling of the story though some are more important / have bigger roles ( focus) than the others. It doesn’t work if the film is included all stars, you don’t know who to see or who is more crucial.


A fantastic method to handle this design idea is to ensure everything in your space isn’t really a star or your “favourite”. Excellent design will certainly be accomplished when you realize you don’t need to ” enjoy” every item or element in your room. Every aspect has an order of importance, though all are essential.


You will accomplish this with stabilizing colour, positioning, and proportion of products and products you pick.


Contrasting colour is one method to include emphasis to an element. For interior designinstance, if you had a beautifully carved antique walnut fireplace that you wanted to be the focus of attention, it would be prudent to choose a surrounding wall colour that would complement the wood. You would not want to make use of a colour in a comparable tone or saturation since the fireplace would mix into the wall and would become its equal. For the opposite impact, if you had a truly unsightly nondescript fireplace you might wish to make it the very same colour as the surrounding walls so it appears to disappear.


These interior design principles are applicable in every scenario no matter house style. As you may notice none of these have anything to do with taste or money. Excellent interior design is the smart use and application of these design essentials and can be achieved by anyone.